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New Prescription Safety Eyewear Styles for 2020 by Phillips Safety Reserch

Wrap Around Prescription Safety Glasses Model 456

Prescription safety glasses are often an essential tool for people working in dangerous or harsh conditions. This is true whether your day job is in the construction industry or whether you enjoy carpentry or another hobby in your life after work. Although prescription safety glasses are an investment, it is an investment that often has a positive return.

Whether you’re buying your first pair or your next pair of prescription safety glasses, first and foremost you want to make sure they protect you from the elements. It is a given. You wear prescription safety glasses for a reason, so they need to be functional and durable every time you wear them.

Besides these important features, however, one feature you’re probably concerned about is styling. Whatever the function of your glasses, you will want your glasses to be stylish and stylish. You definitely don’t want your prescription safety glasses to interfere with your natural appearance. On the contrary, you want them to enhance your look and impress your friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

For that reason, we want to use this article to share some of the new prescription safety eyewear styles for 2020. The designs we highlight below are some of the coolest and most stylish styles we’ve identified for the new Year. Ultimately, we think you’ll be extremely happy with these models, whether you’re looking for a sleek, sophisticated look or a cool, more rebellious look.

Hot styles of prescription safety glasses for next year

To start this list, we would like to highlight the prescription safety eyewear model RX-456. This particular model is remarkable in that it has a freeform style. It has a wrap-around safety goggle frame, which can be a big help in protecting your eyes from wind and flying debris. The lenses of this particular model are fitted into the frame using advanced lens edge technology. This gives an elegant look that suits any professional environment.

With the RX-456 model, you can be sure that these glasses will fit your face comfortably. Indeed, the RX-456 is a one-size-fits-all model. It contains rubber nose pads and rubberized temples, which can give you confidence that these glasses will not fall off your face. Finally, because these glasses are ANSI Z87.1-2003 approved, they can withstand a significant amount of stress.

Then there is the RX-15011 line of prescription safety glasses. You will notice that this model has a hipster security style rectangular frame. It serves the dual purpose of looking great while protecting your eyes from many types of hazards. In terms of functionality, this pair of prescription safety glasses is made from TR-90 nylon and has permanent side shields. These side shields can protect your eyes from dangers approaching your face from the side. Along with that, the RX-15011 is comfortable. It has an adjustable nose piece which can provide both comfort and a secure fit. Ultimately, this sleek black plastic frame with transparent inside can be a great choice if you wear these glasses in your personal or professional life.

Starting with the RX-15011 range, we next want to discuss the new range of prescription safety glasses from Oakley. It’s not a specific model. Rather, we wanted to highlight the entire range because of Oakley’s commitment to quality. Since its inception, the Oakley company has created elegant, sophisticated and functional eyewear. You will be well served by selecting any pair of prescription safety glasses from the company.

For example, see Oakley’s Standard Issue Det Cord Industrial – ANSI Z87.1 Stamped. This model is ANSI Z87.1 approved and contains Oakley’s famous standard ballistic cord, making this model balanced for aggressive environments. It also has an anti-fog coating, a rubberized unobtanium tip, and comes in stylish frame colors like matte black. It can be a great choice whether you need prescription safety glasses in your personal or professional life.

In addition to prescription safety eyewear from Oakley, we want to highlight prescription safety eyewear from Wiley X. If you haven’t heard of the company yet, Wiley X was founded in 1986. It started as a company making eyewear and other equipment for the military and the law. execution requests. But more than three decades later, the company has strayed from its original mission to create eyewear for a wide range of applications. By purchasing prescription safety glasses from Wiley X, you can wear glasses that will keep your eyes safe in the toughest environments. Instead of worrying about whether your glasses are protecting you enough, you can focus on what’s really happening in front of you.

As for Wiley X prescription-specific protective eyewear, we invite you to explore the Wiley X Worksight Contour model. Seeing this model, you will immediately recognize its finesse and beauty. You can find this model in frame colors like glossy half black, glossy black with brown stripes, glossy half brown and matte black. Beyond the frame design, this model features Wiley X’s unbreakable selenite polycarbonate lenses. These lenses also meet ANSI Z.87.1-2010 impact standards, meaning you’ll be well protected when wearing these prescription safety glasses in harsh conditions. Along with durability, this model contains 100% UVA/UVB protection with distortion-free clarity. You can also enjoy features like T-Shell lens coating, removable side shields to protect your eyes from wind and adjacent flying debris, and custom Wiley X logo on the frame temples. In summary, these are a great pair of prescription safety glasses and can be used in many different situations.

Beyond the Wiley X Worksight Contour model, we also recommend checking out the Wiley X Sleek model. This model, like the Wiley X Worksight Contour, has a wide variety of stylish frame colors. Some of these colors include matte purple and matte black. Different lens colors include Flash Silver Gray, Smoke Gray and Clear. These different color combinations are certainly compelling and can help you add your own personality to this particular model.

Along with these aesthetic features, you can enjoy the model’s shatterproof selenite polycarbonate lenses, 100% UVA and UVB protection, and T-Shell lens coating. This model also contains a removable face cavity seal, which can protect your eyes from irritants like fine dust, pollen, and wind. This face cavity seal is especially useful if you wear these prescription safety glasses in an environment where these irritants commonly occur (like on a construction site).

To conclude this review, we would also like to mention prescription safety glasses in two additional styles. Specifically, we are talking about feminine styles and retro styles.

Let’s start with feminine styles. Although many prescription safety eyewear styles are unisex, there are several extremely stylish and functional women’s prescription eyewear designs.

For example, feel free to check out the ArmouRx 7106 Plastic Safety Frame. ArmouRx is a fantastic eyewear company that describes itself as a leader in safety eyewear. By purchasing glasses from ArmouRx, you can wear the highest quality glasses that are extremely protective for your eyes and certainly stylish.

The ArmouRx 7106 plastic safety frame is a perfect example. This is an oval plastic frame available in frame colors like brown and purple. ArmouRx also offers wearers the option to include removable side shields with this frame. Again, this feature can help protect your eyes from flying debris and wind, which can be especially useful in certain environments. Finally, this model is ANSI Z87 safety approved. While you don’t want to deliberately break or damage this frame, the fact that it meets strict ANSI standards means these glasses can withstand significant pressure whether you’re at work or on the go.

Finally, in terms of retro styles, we want to highlight the RX-75 model of corrective safety glasses. This model exudes a retro look while doing its part to protect your eyes. It has a plastic frame that provides a secure fit and wire mesh side shields that can protect your eyes from flying debris. In addition to being ANSI Z87.1-2003 safety approved, you can find this frame in colors like translucent brown and crystal clear. It can be a great choice if you want a retro look, while being fully protected at the same time.

A wide range of great options

It’s the perfect time to be on the hunt for a new pair of prescription safety glasses. Manufacturers like Wiley X, ArmouRx and Oakley create fun and inspiring eyewear that can protect your eyes when they need it most.

While it’s hard to recommend the “best” prescription safety glasses for you, we’re optimistic that you’ll fall in love with the models referenced above. Their durability, functionality and style make them extremely compelling options.