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My Time at Portia Color Blind Glasses: Help Sanwa Quest

More than just upgrading your workshop, harvesting crops and raising farm animals, My time in Portia it’s also forging relationships with other characters.

Every NPC has a story. Turns out, Portia’s barber just wasn’t able to cut her hair after poking fun at her color blindness in a haircut competition. He has done a lot more and needs help getting his color blind glasses.

Let’s dive into the fastest way to complete this quest.

Help Sanwa with color blind glasses

This quest can begin in two ways.

  1. You can receive a letter from Mayor Gale asking you to help Sanwa the barber.
  2. You can find the required lenses first, then continue the quest on your own once you understand their purpose.

Note that if you complete this whole process before you receive the letter, you can still receive it a day later anyway. Just ignore it, as trying to complete the quest a second time can ruin all the dialogue with Sanwa.

Whether you received the letter or not, you can extract a glass from glasses in Abandoned Ruin 1. Note that you need two of these to make the Color Blind Correction Glasses!

With both lenses in hand, walk towards Petra at the research center. She will give them to Merlin, who will then find a new use for the material. Now we are playing the waiting game …

Return to the research center after a day of play passed to get the color blindness correcting glasses from a disappointed Merlin, who hoped they would have more use.

While you can sell the glasses for 50 gols, resist that urge (unless you really don’t like Sanwa or the barbers, I guess).

Instead, head to Portia and look for Sanwa, who unfortunately looks a lot like her siblings Dawa, Erwa, Siwa, Wuwa, Liuwa, and Qiwa. They all have sunglasses and wear the same hat and shorts combo. Although they are difficult to distinguish, the main difference is in their color scheme.

Sanwa is the one wearing the yellow shirt and the red shorts. He can be found in the barber shop near the research center, at his home, or walking around town between the two locations.

When you have the glasses in your inventory and talk to Sanwa, you should receive new dialogue options regarding her color blindness issue.

In some cases, however, he won’t tell you about it right away. If the new dialog does not appear, wait a game day, then try again. Some players have had to wait up to six days, so be patient and eventually he’ll be ready to talk.

When the new glasses dialogue options appear, follow these choices to complete the quest:

  • Heard you have color blindness, haven’t you?
  • You have to manage, Portia needs a barber!

Note that Sanwa can be dated and possibly married if you like the portly barber, and helping him with his glasses will take you further down that road.

Oddly enough, if you extract more glasses, you can also offer them directly to Sanwa’s brother, Qiwa, who is wearing the purple shirt and blue shorts.

Having trouble finding the material for the glasses, convincing Merlin to exchange them for full glasses, or talking to Sanwa? Let us know about your situation and we will try to find a quick solution for you!

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