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Milwaukee Safety Glasses and Lenses Explained

Milwaukee offers a fairly comprehensive line of safety glasses, all designed to keep you safe and productive on the job site. They are part of the Milwaukee PPE personal protection product line, which includes vests, Milwaukee lighting, safety gloves, ear plugs, etc. Milwaukee Safety Glasses include models with scratch-resistant lenses, anti-fog lenses, magnifying lenses, and tinted lenses. We wanted to cover all of the safety eyewear options Milwaukee currently offers.

And they have LOTS of options!

Milwaukee Anti-Scratch Safety Glasses

Milwaukee Anti-Scratch Safety Glasses feature a durable hard coating to protect the lenses from scratches. They also offer a flexible nose bridge for long lasting comfort. On a side note, the nasal pieces like to come off… they look built to last.

Magnifying anti-scratch safety glasses

If you are interested in scratch-resistant glass, but would also like your glasses to do a little work in the magnification department, then you’re in for a treat.

Milwaukee offers glasses that have a hard coating for lens protection, but with areas of magnification. They have options of +1.00 and +3.00 diopters in 0.5 increments. This should make those plans easier to read without having to trade in your safety glasses for a pair of readers. These glasses also feature a flexible and comfortable nose bridge.

Anti-fog safety glasses

While these Milwaukee safety glasses are still resistant to some scratches, the emphasis is on not fogging the lenses. These lenses keep your vision clear in all conditions, and they keep those arms flexible that don’t disturb your ears, even when worn all day. Many of us have worn them for hours and think they are as comfortable as any safety glasses (or sunglasses) we have worn.

You can also choose from clear, yellow, gray and tinted lenses. Tints are more traditional sunglasses while gray ones offer a bit of tint while still allowing visibility indoors when you tend to be in both environments.

Milwaukee Tinted Safety Glasses

Performance safety glasses

Originally launched in 2019, Milwaukee safety glasses have been extended to their performance design. This means that, rather than just resist scratches and fog, the Milwaukee line of safety eyewear has also benefited from some impact protection. Milwaukee Performance Safety Eyewear provides military grade impact protection that exceeds ANSI Z87.1 + rating. This protects your eyes from projectiles impacting your lenses at up to 725 feet per second.

They are also arc tested according to ASTM F2621. This rates them against ignition, melting, dripping or after flame with exposure up to 20 cal / cm ^ 2 (clear) or 25 cal / cm ^ 2 (tinted). These will not defend your whole body against an electric arc, but your eyes should be well protected.

Milwaukee Performance Safety Glasses

Milwaukee Seal Glasses

For a completely fog-free experience, check out the Performance range which includes a removable gasket. We love that the seal is easily removed and that they perfectly protect your eyes from the incursions of debris from multiple angles. We use them a lot in our shop’s test lab.

Milwaukee Safety Glasses Seal

How to choose

So with all these glasses to choose from, how do you decide? That’s the million dollar question. We start with the big decisions, like whether or not to get a joint. Next, we determine if we want to take advantage of features like magnification for reading. After that, it’s the Performance line – which features that full-surround frame – or the regular line. We actually like both, but nonperforming glasses certainly provide a more casual look. They simply cannot withstand impacts and are not arc tested to ASTM F2621.

Milwaukee Safety Glasses Line

In numbers, Milwaukee offers about 18 different models. Whatever your preferences, you should be able to find a pair to suit your style and needs.

  • 48-73-2010 – Safety glasses – Clear anti-scratch lenses — $ 7.97
  • 48-73-2012 – Safety glasses – Clear anti-fog lenses — $ 14.97
  • 48-73-2015 – Safety glasses – Tinted anti-scratch lenses — $ 7.97
  • 48-73-2017 – Safety glasses – Tinted anti-fog lenses — $ 14.97
  • 48-73-2020 – Performance safety glasses – Clear anti-fog lenses — $ 19.97
  • 48-73-2025 – Performance Safety Glasses – Tinted Anti-Fog Lenses — $ 19.97
  • 48-73-2040 – Performance Safety Glasses with Seal – Clear Anti-Fog Lenses — $ 29.97
  • 48-73-2045 – Performance Safety Glasses with Gasket – Tinted Anti-Fog Lenses — $ 39.97
  • 48-73-2100 – Safety Glasses – Yellow Anti-Scratch Lenses — $ 7.97
  • 48-73-2102 – Safety glasses – Yellow anti-fog lenses — $ 14.97
  • 48-73-2105 – Safety Glasses – Gray Anti-Scratch Lenses — $ 7.97
  • 48-73-2107 – Safety glasses – Gray anti-fog lenses — $ 14.97
  • 48-73-2120 – Performance Safety Glasses – Yellow Anti-Fog Lenses — $ 19.97
  • 48-73-2125 – Performance Safety Glasses – Gray Anti-Fog Lenses — $ 19.97
  • 48-73-2200 – Safety glasses – + 1.0 Magnified transparent anti-scratch lenses – $ 10.97
  • 48-73-2202 – Safety glasses – + 1.5 Magnified transparent anti-scratch lenses – $ 10.97
  • 48-73-2204 – Safety glasses – + 2.0 Magnified clear anti-scratch lenses – $ 10.97
  • 48-73-2206 – Safety glasses – + 2.5 Magnified transparent anti-scratch lenses – $ 10.97
  • 48-73-2208 – Safety glasses – + 3.0 Enlarged transparent anti-scratch lenses – $ 10.97

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