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Melon Optics launches Kingpin riding goggles

Press release: Melon Optics

Let’s get to the point – we’ve taken the amazingly clear and vibrant ZEISS Trail Performance lenses and built them into a complete trail-ready frame design that looks awesome both on and off the bike – we call them The pivot.

You can choose from a range of lens tints including photochromic, each set comes with a ZEISS low-light lens – so you’re always ready for crappy weather, a carrying case and a microfiber bag, and like all our glasses, you can customize them according to your atmosphere.

Check out Rob Warner doing all the advertising below and play with your own custom combo options here.

For those of you who want more information, scroll below the video.

EU observers listen – all EU orders are shipped from our new base in Innsbruck, Austria, so no Brexit nonsense to deal with, and shipping is fast! We ship everywhere else direct from the UK.

Ready to lead the trail?

The Kingpin uses ZEISS trail-specific lens technology that filters light to give you the optimal view in a trail-based environment. By filtering out the predominance of green and orange light, you get a more balanced color perception as well as improved visual clarity (there’s a reason ZEISS is known as the world’s leading lens manufacturer).

Each lens comes with UV400 protection and a water repellent coating, so whether you’re looking for the fastest line or looking for jib items, the Kingpin keeps you one step ahead and gives you the ultimate view on the trail.

The lenses of this epic deserve to match the frame technology, and the Kingpin pulls no punches with its Hyperflex frames which have been tried, tested and loved by the owners of our favorite Alleycat riding goggles of our. clients.

Constructed from super strong, flexible and lightweight TR90, they can be trusted to give you all the confidence you need no matter how hard you push.

To keep you from getting scolded, the Hypergrip nose and tips are designed to hold the goggles firmly in place, even on the most difficult terrain.

Time to refresh and renew? – why drop a dollar on a whole new set when you can continue yours? We want you to love your Melon glasses for life, so to keep your favorite pair of glasses or goggles cool, we offer the option of purchasing separate components for all of our products.

Set off and hit the trails with more confidence and clarity than ever before with the Kingpin featuring ZEISS lenses.

Click on the link below to view them in your area and take advantage of our annual sale.