Safety glasses

Guy drives crashed Subaru Outback for hundreds of miles while wearing safety glasses

Driving with snow obscuring the view of your car’s windshield is dangerous, but that risk is paltry compared to what the Montana Highway Patrol encountered on Wednesday, April 7.

After stopping a Subaru Outback near Anaconda, MT, the stopping soldier discovered that its windshield had been shattered into pieces, along with much of the left side of the vehicle. According to the driver, he had been looking through a small hole in the windshield to navigate for some time, completely blind otherwise.

According to a Facebook post by the MHP, the fourth-generation Outback driver was, at the very least, shielding his eyes while seeing Interstate 90 through the ragged hole in the windshield. He wore safety glasses, however, to prevent shards of safety glass from blowing into the car and damaging his vision. Pleasant.

The driver claimed he walked through several states with his safety glasses on, while looking out the hole. The MHP didn’t specify which states, but Montana is bordered by some of the largest in the union, so it probably wasn’t a short getaway.

After traffic stopped, the Subaru was loaded onto a flatbed and transported to its destination. We don’t know how the vehicle got damaged or where the driver was trying to get to, but we contacted MHP for more information. We will update this post if we hear more.

In the meantime, please don’t do this. Acquire help.

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