Color blind glasses

Glasses blocking blue light are a necessity of the WFH

Americans spend more than seven hours a day staring at some sort of screen.

Blue Light Shield Computer Glasses / Gaming Glasses – $ 19.99

J + S Vision

Did you know that the average American spend more than seven hours per day with their eyeballs glued to some sort of screen? While these J + S Vision Blue Light Shield ($ 17.99 at Amazon with digital coupon) may not be able to break your Best demons addiction, they will block 90% of the blue light emitted by your electronic devices.

J + S Vision Blue Light Shield Reading / Computer Gaming Glasses – 0.0 Magnification – Anti Blue Light 100% UV Protection Low Color Distortion, Classic Black Frame – Essential Gaming Equipment

D + S

$ 19.99

Whether you’re filling out spreadsheets, gaming, or frantically streaming the first two seasons of Succession in preparation for Season 3, Amazon instantly takes 10% off these stylish frames for affordable blue light glasses you’ll actually want to wear. .

Providing 100% UV protection, these WFH compatible glasses maintain optimal eye health by reducing eye strain, headaches and sleeping problems associated with blue light emitted by computers, smartphones, TVs and tablets .

Without prescription or magnification, these J + S Vision Blue Light Shield are now $ 17.99 on Amazon with a digital coupon.

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