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Envision glasses use AI to help the visually impaired

If you or someone close to you is visually impaired, you’ll be happy to know that there is technology that can help. Using the power of AI and AR, personal gadgets that focus on assistive features are here and available for purchase today. Join us as we take a look at one of these helpful devices and explore how it helps with problem solving. Keep reading to learn more.

Life is hard for those who are lucky enough not to have a disability. It is much more difficult for those who are. Fortunately, using the power of artificial intelligence, Envision glasses have arrived to help the visually impaired navigate their daily routines. Today we seek to know what they are and how they help those in need. Let’s get started, okay?

Envision eyewear has the power to improve daily activities

Analyzes text and makes it easier to read or understand

Right away, one of the ways Envision assistive glasses can improve the lives of the visually impaired is by making text readable. The device allows you to scan text to make it easier to read. Plus, it can even read the text aloud, making it easier to understand. “Batch Scan” allows you to read larger amounts of text, such as books, for example.

It’s easy for most people to take reading for granted – after all, labels, instructions, road signs and so many other things we rely on all use text. A tool like this can make all the difference.

Envision Goggles (Official Promotion)

Describes the environment for you to be more aware

Another handy feature offered by the Envision goggles is its ability to analyze and interpret your surroundings. Using a feature called “Scene Description”, it can let you know what it sees around you, keeping you better informed. Take a walk in the park? All you have to do is listen to the description.

Detects important things like faces, objects and colors

If you or your loved one have trouble reading faces or colors, Envision Assistive Glasses can help too. They include face recognition and object recognition, as well as color detection. It can improve social situations or even activities like sorting laundry and choosing clothes. All very important functions in maintaining an independent daily routine.

Envision glasses use AI to help the visually impaired through their daily routines
Glasses can describe surrounding environments

Includes all necessary hardware to operate efficiently

It’s important to also address what enables Envision goggles to effectively perform their assistive tasks: the hardware. For example, the device has an 8 MP camera and a wide field of view (FOV). Its battery charges via USB-C and can run for up to 6 hours with standard usage. There is a mono directional speaker with USB audio and Bluetooth. Speaking of Bluetooth, the glasses include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Lastly, the device is lightweight and water and dust resistant.

Envision glasses use AI to help the visually impaired through their daily routines
The device makes it easier to read the text

Since every person is unique, it’s hard to say if Envision assistive glasses are worth their cost for everyone. For example, each person’s visual impairment and the extent of their needs will vary, limiting the usefulness of the device on an individual basis. That said, there’s a lot of cool stuff here that can absolutely help those in need of a boost.

Capabilities to scan faces and objects, describe environments, and make text easier to read are all things that can bring major improvements in daily routines. If this sounds like something that can make a difference in your life or that of a loved one, you should head over to the official site to find out more.

You can get Envision goggles here for $3,461.

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