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Daddy dragged for not replacing babysitter’s broken glasses

Netizens were left stunned by a dad who explained why he refused to replace a babysitter’s broken glasses, when it was his daughter who broke them.

Sharing his reasoning in a viral Reddit post, Redditor u/EricThrow3976 asked r/AmITheA**hole’s 3.6 million members if it was wrong for him not to buy the babysitter a new pair of glasses. . Titled “AITA for refusing to pay the babysitter for new glasses after my daughter broke her old ones,” the viral post received over 11,000 votes and 5,000 comments in just 11 hours.

Beginning with the explanation that he is a 35-year-old widower with two daughters, the Redditor said that he recently returned to night work and was able to find a babysitter with the help of a coworker.

He also said things were going well with the new babysitter until his 9-year-old daughter broke her glasses.

“The babysitter called me while I was at work to tell me that my 9 year old daughter had broken her glasses. I came home, heard both sides of the story and I ‘have come to the conclusion that it was in fact an accident,’ u/EricThrow3976 wrote. “But the babysitter said my daughter intentionally broke them after she refused to let her out late that night.”

“I apologized to the babysitter for the misunderstanding, but she insisted there was no misunderstanding and then asked me to pay her for a new pair of glasses,” a- he added. “I was surprised by her request… I apologized but declined and said it was unfair to expect me to pay, especially since she didn’t didn’t pay attention to keeping his glasses safe.”

Following his refusal to replace the broken glasses, the Redditor said the colleague who helped connect him with the babysitter urged him to pay for a new pair, but maintained that the baby- sitter was lying in an attempt to get extra pay.

“[The babysitter] got my colleague involved and she said I should take responsibility and pay the babysitter for new glasses as she can’t afford them being a broke student,” he wrote.

The internet slammed a Redditor who refused to replace a babysitter’s broken glasses.
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“It’s been days and the babysitter still wants me to pay for new glasses, but I feel like she’s trying to use the fact that I urgently need help and is hoping to get some extra money out of my pocket,” he added. .

Since the onset of COVID-19, parents across the United States have struggled to find quality child care at affordable rates. In 2021, 72% of families reported higher childcare costs and 46% said they had difficulty finding appropriate childcare due to the pandemic, according to the Cost of Care Survey from

While the Department of Health and Human Services defines affordable childcare as costing no more than 7% of a household’s income, 85% of families reported paying more than 10%, an increase 13% compared to 2020.

For families that rely on babysitters for childcare, the average hourly cost for a child is $18.36. For two children, the average hourly rate jumps to $21.23, according to Urban Sitter’s 2021 National Child Care Rates Survey.

However, average hourly rates and other data from Care, a leading online childcare marketplace, do not take into account damaged equipment, such as a broken pair of glasses. Because some babysitters are paid on the moon, laws involving independent contractors and broken equipment are less likely to be invoked, leaving morality responsible for potential replacements.

In a blog post published on Today’s Parent, the parenting magazine recommended that when children ages 4 to 12 damage a babysitter’s property, parents be responsible for paying for the damaged property.

Echoing that sentiment, Redditors commenting on the viral post told u/EricThrow3976 that he should replace the babysitter’s broken glasses, and assured that he was wrong for refusing to do so.

“[You’re the a**hole]. Doesn’t matter if it was an accident or not,” Redditor u/Beautiful-Concern144 wrote in the lead comment of the post, which received over 44,000 votes.

“Your child broke their glasses, so you have to pay to replace them,” they added.

Redditor u/CatteHerder, whose comment received 8,100 votes, wrote that the babysitter needed glasses to function and speculated that she wasn’t trying to “get extra money” from the original poster.

“We get it. You have a favorite kid who can’t hurt, and you literally let them off the hook by destroying the accessibility aids that are needed to, you know, SEE,” they wrote. commented. “The babysitter is not trying to extort money from you, your child broke his glasses.”