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The Apple AR glasses will be released in 2022 – but this is the latest in a long line of windows laid down. The tech giant is reportedly developing products to provide a better user experience in 2015. This could include software that can be used to create smart glasses. Apple continues to launch its typical product line – iPhones, iPads, Mac OS X tablets and devices. Aside from Air Power canceling its battery charger, there was no indication that Apple was working on things. In 2022, it is rumored that Apple will launch a virtual reality-based phone that is expected to have at least AR-specific specifications by then.

The word on the turf is that AppleLong-standing augmented reality glasses could debut in 2022. These AR glasses are all confirmed by reliable leaks giving an exciting glimpse into this futuristic first generation of wearable smart glasses. The earliest we can see these glasses is in the second half of 2023, says Bloomberg’s Mark German. According to TF’s international securities analyst, KUO, who is Apple’s most trusted expert, has predicted that 2022 is the first period for the headset’s launch. Either way, the project is underway for real.

apple ar glass

Apple AR glasses intend to mix the real world with the virtual. Apple Glass is believed to work by syncing with iPhone and iPad. Things like texts, emails, maps, games, social media can all be seen in your line of sight and displayed in an engaging way that won’t block the concept of the real world.


Apple also intends to launch third-party apps and a dedicated app store for working with the glasses. Along with the other 53 patents for 3D mapping technology, a recent patent that was issued to Apple is the technology that will allow Apple glasses to adapt to a person’s sight improving vision using sub- optical assemblies, which means that the wearer of Apple glasses does not need to obtain the traditional prescription for a drink.

Lenses may also be able to change and adapt corrections to suit different viewing conditions, acting as bifocal, trifocal, or progressive lenses. This is a big step forward in eye care and vision. It is also believed that Apple will launch a satellite program for working with glasses just like Google Earth, which will help explore the surroundings seamlessly.

Another patent suggests that you will be able to change the background colors using the glasses, changing the background to solid color with something else. An Apple Glass patent shows how you can digitally teleport to different locations because the view of your preferred location would be directly visible in your lenses. It is also believed that glass will allow us to see better in the dark using depth sensors. Another expectation is that only the wearer can see the contents of the glasses, which means that no other spectator can peek into your business.


The Apple Watch is a great place to see how Apple handles wearable tech designs that are subtle but still high tech. John Prosser has seen the prototype videos and calls the glasses “stylish”. The current prototype of the glasses would look like regular glasses with thick frames that house the battery, chips and LIDAR scanners, but no cameras for privacy purposes.

apple ar glass

It is believed that the glasses will be equipped with an eye tracking system to interact seamlessly with the environment around them. Leaker John Prosser hearsay, these glasses will be called ‘apple glass’ which would be able to display information, notifications on both lenses.

Some patents indicate the ability of these AR glasses to project AE directly into the wearer’s retina. This means that Apple is trying to eliminate small screens and use micro-projectors and beams to project images directly into viewers’ retinas.
Gestures in front of the glasses can control the Apple glass, said Prosser, who has seen a video of the prototype pair. He also mentions that Apple could advertise Apple Glass as “one more thing” as an accessory with the iPhone.


The price of glasses would start at $ 499 plus the cost of prescription lenses. Wireless chargers come with goggles and a plastic holder. Wireless signals, smart displays, microphones, powerful processors will need excellent battery life, so Apple will have to find the balance. There is no speculation about the first generation eyewear coming in a variety of tinted sunglasses as this would interfere with other aspects of the eyewear. Yet perhaps we can expect them shortly.

Apple will likely take a similar approach, creating AR glasses in several iterations internally until the technology matures. Years can go by during product development, waiting for technology to catch up with the concept.


The iPhone has a stepping stone, a bunch of apps that double as a home screen, but Apple glasses have a starboard. While no UI elements were disclosed, it’s speculated that Apple will use its iconography and UI for the AR interface. The LIDAR scanner will allow us to control the glasses with gestures. Some patents also suggest that Apple could develop a controller for a more interactive gaming experience.

apple ar glass

Apple is working with TSMC to develop an “ultra-advanced” micro-OLED display for use in Apple’s upcoming augmented devices, such as smart glasses. This screen should be less than 1 inch. Micro-OLED displays are built directly onto wafers on a chip rather than a glass substrate, resulting in thinner, smaller, and more energy efficient displays.

At the start of 2021, Apple is entering a “second phase of development” on a prototype of augmented reality glasses. The glasses are expected to go through the third phase of development in a few months. Then, once the prototype design is complete, the laptop will undergo a six to nine month technical verification period.

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