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ClearView Reviews – Do Clear View Night Vision Goggles Work or Are They a Scam?

Road safety depends on having a clear view of the road ahead. There’s a good chance you won’t have these issues if it’s a sunny day. Also, the traffic is so bad during the day that you might have a hard time getting around. However, situations can drastically change at night. With 10% of all cars, the traffic is done at night. During the night, the majority of fatal accidents also take place. No one can deny that completely foggy conditions and the glare of the road cause some to lose the ability to see in the dark. It is a crucial factor.

It would be a wise decision for you to consider purchasing a pair of night driving goggles if you often go at night and find it difficult to see in low light conditions. Lack of coverage of the road ahead is the most common cause. Night driving glasses use yellow lenses to reduce glare and glare from approaching headlights and street lights, serving the same purpose as sunglasses during the day. You can see better at night thanks to the bright yellow tint of these glasses.

ClearView is one of those night vision goggles for reducing glare from headlights and streetlights of oncoming vehicles.

ClearView are night driving goggles that are developed with the latest anti-glare technology. Compared to their competition, these night vision goggles offer the best value for money. As a result, your safety and that of your family will be greatly improved and you will enjoy driving at night even more! Keep the ClearView night vision aid in your glove box for safe driving at night.

This review will take a look at various aspects of ClearView Night Glasses and their benefits for their customers.

So read on!

What is ClearView?

ClearView sunglasses were created for nighttime visibility. It appears to be a pair of yellow sunglasses when viewed from the outside. In fact, it’s a neat device that improves your ability to see in low light and even in fog. These yellow tinted lenses are explicitly designed for nighttime use, blocking 100% of harmful UV rays while increasing contrast and clarity for better night vision. ClearView glasses use anti-glare technology to reduce glare from cars in the opposite lane. The optical glass used to make its lenses is of the highest quality. It is widely believed that these glasses reduce glare while increasing contrast. When trying to see in the dark, high contrast levels are needed.

It is equipped with polarized and photochromic lenses, thus providing clear visibility in all lighting conditions. Your eyes and nose will never be tired or distressed from using this product. It has a high quality frame and the nose pad can be easily adjusted. When you are behind the wheel while wearing ClearView glasses, your peripheral vision is improved, allowing you to see cars and other moving objects with greater clarity and dynamism.

ClearView Features

The ClearView is unique and efficient because of its incredible features. It offers crystal clear view in low light conditions. Lack of lighting was the root of the difficulty seeing at night, which ClearView effectively addresses. The following features of ClearView make it an absolute necessity:

Anti-reflective technology

The anti-glare innovation it boasts is perhaps something you’ve never seen in nighttime sunglasses before. With its hue, even the brightest light coming from any direction is made softer. It also focuses the light so that the wearer does not have to squint at their glasses. In addition, photochromic contrast enhancing lenses are essential for nighttime color identification.


Polarized lenses protect your eyes as they reduce glare and shield your eyes from the bright headlights of other cars. It increases the contrast level to reduce eye strain and provide crystal clear view. It is safe to assume that there will be no beams to distract you while driving.

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Light and compact

Because they are so small and light, ClearView Night Glasses are ideal for any travel. In addition, a protective case is included with these glasses. Your nose won’t feel any pressure, and so will your ears. In addition, it has a slightly yellow tint that appeals to both sexes.

MaterClearView is just behind in terms of popularity for safety glass. ial

Unlike other brands that use low cost plastic lenses, your ClearView are made with high quality precision cut optical glass. It weighs less, is more durable than plastic, and resists fog better than other materials. You don’t have to worry about ClearView breaking while you are using it.

Easy to use

The ergonomic design of ClearView makes them extremely easy to wear. In essence, you can think of the ClearView night vision aid like a pair of sunglasses. The glasses are easy to wear day and night. Drive habitually and marvel at the difference this new technology can make!

Are these night driving goggles effective?

The amount of intense light that can pass through a driver’s night vision goggles is extremely low. Yellow tinted lenses help filter blue light, which can cause eye stress. You may feel less stressed when you see oncoming lights as most car headlights are blue which is calming to the mind.

Many people say they have noticed a significant improvement in their night vision. According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Ophthalmology, wearing nighttime driving glasses with yellow lenses did not significantly improve or reduce the efficiency of pedestrian detection. These research results do not support the use of nighttime driving glasses with yellow lenses by eye care professionals.

In terms of reducing glare, scientists have found no difference between wearing yellow lenses and not wearing them at all. However, if yellow tinted driving glasses make you more comfortable in the evening, then maybe they are doing something right, which is indeed a good sign.

Where to buy ClearView

Investing in a pair of ClearView night glasses is a no-brainer if you value the safety of your family while driving. These are some of the best night vision goggles currently available. Those wishing to purchase should visit ClearView’s leading website for more information. Take a moment to check your inbox for an email with your order information. After you have completed all the information, your item will be delivered to your location.

The offers and packages you can take advantage of are:

  • A ClearView: $ 49
  • Two ClearView: $ 69
  • Three ClearView: $ 98
  • Four ClearView: $ 123 each

ClearView customer service can be contacted through the following channels if you have additional questions or need assistance with ClearView eyewear:

  • Address: 1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong
  • Email address:
  • Telephone (international): +44 20 3808 9234


With ClearView’s night vision technology, your night vision problems have been solved. Glare is immediately reduced by traffic and people who like to keep their high beams on. In the dark, the yellow tint of the lenses helps to improve contrast. As soon as you put on your Clear View glasses, you will be able to see more clearly, even in complete darkness.

The anti-blue-ray coating on the lenses helps reduce the intensity of the blue light emitted by the headlights of modern vehicles. To avoid smudging and blurring your vision, you should clean its lenses with the clean microfiber regularly.

Customers have never expressed dissatisfaction with the service they received. Positive customer feedback has established the credibility of the site. Invest in a pair of night vision goggles to make night driving safer and more enjoyable.

Get your ClearView immediately!

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