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The holidays offer many reasons to bubble, including getting together with family and friends and toasting in the New Year. But when you raise a drink, make sure it’s good.

“A glass has an influence on a wine”, said Aldo Sohm, sommelier and wine director of the Bernardin and Aldo Sohm Wine Bar in New York, and ambassador for the premium glass brand Zalto. “It’s kind of like music, when you have a song and you listen to it from two different speaker systems, it makes a huge difference. “

Champagne glasses come in different shapes, from flutes to goblets, and some have colors and decorations. Fortunately, there are no bad choices. Fun, inexpensive glasses can be ideal for casual encounters with mid-range wines. A special bottle, however, can be best enjoyed with special glassware.

“You can drink from a paper cup, which costs five cents, or you can drink from a glass of Zalto champagne, which costs $ 60. The question is: what are you looking for? Mr Sohm said.

At the end of the day, he added, “The best glass is the one you want to drink from. “

  • Is the flute the best form for drinking champagne? Compared to a coupe, a flute retains more bubbles, Mr Sohm said, but it is also like “putting champagne in a corset”. When he drinks vintage champagne from a small producer, he says, he often prefers a larger universal wine glass.

  • Are stemless glasses acceptable? They’re good for casual events like picnics, Mr. Sohm said, but they have a downside: “You heat up champagne very quickly, and champagne is very temperature sensitive. “

  • Should champagne glasses be transparent or colored? Purists generally prefer clear glass, so they can see the wine, but the color can add a bit of fun. As Mr. Sohm noted, “it can be beautiful to someone who thinks it is beautiful”.

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