Color blind glasses

Boy Catches Friend With Colorblind Prescription Glasses

LONE TREE, Colorado – A Grade 5 student from Lone Tree received a life-changing gift when his classmate and good friend surprised him with corrective glasses to help his color blindness.

“I was really amazed and shocked,” 11-year-old Tyler Muhr said.

A cell phone video shared on Facebook shows Tyler trying on special glasses in his classroom on Valentine’s Day. The boy is silent for a few seconds, but when finally asked if they are working he says “yes!” “

WATCH: The moment a Colorado boy with color blindness first sees color

“It is impossible to understand what is going on. I see things that I never thought of, never imagined, ”Tyler said. “I just realized how much it meant to see this for the first time.”

The fifth grader says he went from seeing things in shades of black and white to being able to distinguish different colors.

“It’s much better than without these glasses,” he said.

The moment a Colorado boy with color blindness first sees color thanks to his friends

“It makes me excited,” said Tyler’s good friend and classmate Thane.

Thane is the one who surprised Tyler with the $ 100 glasses. He bought them himself with the money from his allowance.

“I wanted to give him glasses since we’re friends,” Thane said. “Just to bring him joy and make him happy.”

“I don’t know anyone else who would do that,” Tyler said.

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