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10 best smart glasses of 2021


Looking at the smart gadgets in your home (watches, phones, speakers, gardens, etc.) can only make you speculate on the next breakthrough technology. A useful laptop that can easily get into a working day. Something you can get attached to and, of course, is a full style flex. And while the gossip in the tech world is for the most part all unrealistic hypotheses, Apple would develop smart glasses which could potentially succeed iPhones. From where we sit, that seems to be what the high society of smart technology is heading towards.

Developers like Bose and Razer are in the early stages of designing smart glasses, often in the sunglasses and headset genre, that incorporate speakers into the arms of the glasses to form open-ear audio systems, which in their opinion. tour allow listeners to stay aware of their surroundings while enjoying the music. Other smart specs already come with cameras for an in-depth content experience, like in the cases of Ray-Ban and Snapchat. But the ultimate evolution seems to be the augmented reality devices that cover the physical world with virtual data that is projected into the corners of your eyes.

So if you want to get a glimpse into the future, we’ve got a look at smart glasses that can be worn without shouting, “Hey look at me look at me I’m tech! You know, like bulky VR headsets do. These 10 smart eyeglass frames feature the dominant speaker and sunglasses duo that will flatter any audiophile who wants to look esoterically cool in time for Matrix: Resurrections, as well as more advanced glasses that weave fabric in trompe l’oeil of reality just above your eyeballs. These will also allow you to get a casual Keanu-Reeves-as-Neo cosplay. Really, choosing the right look for you will take most of the effort here.

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Best overall smart glasses

Connected glasses

Without a shadow of a doubt, Ray-Ban won the 2021 title for Best Fashion Gadget when it coded both audio and camera in his Wayfarer sunglasses, as well as in his Round and Meteor frames. Not only can you listen to music and take phone calls from these open-ear speakers while emulating the timeless panache of celebrities like Jack Nicholson, you can also take photos and HD videos via the touchpad or voice control, then share your images directly to social media from the trapezoidal frames. They’re powered by Facebook, if that’s something you like.

Best audio smart sunglasses

Alto Smart Sunglasses Frames

Bose knows how to make an exceptional speaker. But can he make killer glasses? Yes, in fact, and smart glasses too. You’re not wrong to assume that these smart specs probably deliver the best sound out there. And it’s not just the audio, but also the position: the speakers are placed right behind the ears for an immersive listening experience that doesn’t leak. For the shopper who’s picky about their fit, Bose also offers styles beyond the original cat-eyed Viola, like the athletic Tempo, the square Tenor, and the retro Soprano.

The most stylish smart glasses

Soundcore Frames

No type of shade makes a harsher and bolder statement than the aviator, popularized on a male-style throne by Tom Cruise in Top Gun. So when a pair of aviator shades feature open-ear surround sound with four speakers, two microphones for clarity of phone calls, voice commands, and an automatic privacy mode, who are you to turn down? Taking it a step further, these specs feature a detachable front bezel so you can swap and experiment with different styles.

Echo frames (2nd generation)

Echo Frames are a pair of lightweight shades featuring the splendor of Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa. These mounts look a bit too simple, stylistically speaking, but their access to Alexa’s vast library of smart homes makes them arguably the smartest optics here for Amazon users. : Make calls, listen to podcasts and audible books, set reminders, receive notifications, manage to-do lists and control your smart home hands-free, in complete privacy. They will automatically adjust the volume based on your ambient sound environment in real time as well, to top it off.

Best smart glasses for camera

Glasses 2

Glasses are smart sunglasses designed for Snapchat, if anyone still uses them. They have a camera lens to capture exactly what your eyes see, in photos and short video clips, and they can be synced with a smartphone to export content to social media accounts (beyond Snapchat. , Fortunately). Plus, their water resistance allows even any marine traveler or pool enthusiast to linger in shallow water content. As if podium-worthy frames weren’t captivating enough.

Best budget smart glasses

Smart Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses

Merging open-ear smart audio, built-in AI voice control, phone calls, navigation, waterproofing, and the polarized lens into a pair of mounts at a price point of $ 100 is quite a feat, and many just might. question the quality of affordable smart glasses from Gelete. But they have all the key features while looking fashionable enough to be worn outdoors. And given their cost and functions, it’s a good deal if you’re warming up with smart glasses on and need a sensible pair to get a feel for it.

Best AR smart glasses

Blade Enhanced Smart Glasses

Augmented reality is just a derivative of corrective lenses, as both help your limited eyesight decipher the threads of the physical world around us. So you might think AR glasses are redundant, but Vuzix’s AR glasses with an 8-megapixel autofocus camera, noise-canceling mics, speakers, and voice control dispel that notion. The transparent straight lens can overlay full-color HD graphics over the analog world, and its head tracking adapts to your movements for a compelling AR experience (much like Iron Man’s headset). These features let you access digital information and remote assistance hands-free while your hands are really busy doing real-world tasks.

Best luxury smart glasses

ThinkReality A3 smart glasses

We’ll do our best to convince you that you need Lenovo smart glasses that cost $ 1,500. First of all, you’ll need them for work, as they are packed with taxonomy and laptop performance, and allow you to create and customize a workspace through augmented reality. For the office worker, you can enjoy the 3D visualization through the virtual monitors on the lenses. For the C-suiter, you will be able to read data securely during a busy phone call. For the project manager, you will be able to view immersive workflows anywhere. And that’s all the reason one can give, if the 8-megapixel RGB camera and motion tracking don’t speak loud enough to you.

Best transparent smart glasses

Smart transparent glasses

If wearing sunglasses while using smart technology isn’t your thing – because you just can’t see shit – then consider WGP’s smart glasses with clear lenses. Soak up the sounds as well as the sights while reading, playing, working or driving. To boot, the real star with these is the debonair look: the black stainless steel bridges with hints of gold on the nose and frames give off such a classic air. These are the smart specs you’ll find on top of your muzzle all day.

Anzu smart glasses

Razer is known for its gaming hardware, but its Anzu smart glasses are surprisingly compatible with the workplace. They don’t have too much bling, just the basic starter pack for all quality smart glasses. But with five hours of battery life and a seamless Bluetooth connection, you can’t help but pair the Razer’s Anzu with long sessions of WFH or gaming. And this pair is quite stylish: round frames with a big bridge. What a viewer.

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