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10 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

We found the fanciest blue light blocking glasses.

It’s pretty safe to assume that most of us have a similar daily routine: waking up, checking our phones, going to make coffee, checking our phones, doing our daily chores, and checking our phones over and over again. In the evening? We can cycle our phones as a treat to get work done during the day. If you find yourself rubbing your eyes red and dry at the end of the day, it could be due to your screen time, as the blue light emitted by phones and computers can cause dry eyes, blurred vision and same cataracts in extreme cases.

While this all sounds terrifying, shielding your eyes from this short-wavelength light is one way to help prevent any of these side effects. The most obvious solution would be to forgo the technology altogether (because blue light also comes from LEDs and fluorescent light). But the last time we tried this, we found ourselves trying to scroll through everything in sight – books, subway maps, clothes racks, photo frames… and we only lasted 12 hours. So, it’s safe to say that it’s not realistic for any of us. While we have to admit, living unplugged in a cozy cabin surrounded by nature doesn’t seem like a bad idea some days…

What do blue light blocking glasses do?

But let’s get back to reality: and that reality is that blue light blocking glasses are a much more practical way to protect your precious eyes from evil screens. These glasses have a special coating in the lenses that can block light through, which can potentially prevent eye damage and even help you sleep better, because blue light can throw off your circadian rhythm – and we’re all guilty of it. a little late night scrolling.

But, do blue light blocking glasses really work?

According to Cleveland Clinic, blue light blocking glasses won’t necessarily solve all your eye problems. While these lenses block blue light, they can’t prevent screen fatigue, which is caused by your eyes focusing on a small screen for hours at a time. Remember to take breaks while working or scrolling, and always see an eye doctor if you have persistent eye problems.

That being said, wearing blue light blocking glasses will help in some ways, which is well worth it.

If you’re curious about getting a pair, here are some options you can get with your prescription (for readers) or without a prescription at all, including the pair Katie always wears.

The best blue light blocking glasses

Caddis Miklos

Katie can’t live without her Caddis glasses (so much so that she designed a pair with the mark in his honor Go round!), and most of the brand’s models offer anti-blue light lenses. The Miklos is Katie’s go-to style because it’s bold without being too flashy. The chunky frame complements most faces, but the variety of colors lets you tone it down or amp it up.

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Warby Parker York

Tom Cruise would most definitely approve of these aviator goggles. You can’t go wrong with a classic wireframe, especially when it comes to a timeless aviator. Instead of being a solid color, they are half black and half gold, which is a nice twist.

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EyeBuyDirect Prism

These are the ones Katie P., the trade editor, has been wearing for the past two years. She loves the classic tortoiseshell frame and the shape matches her funky lenses. “I’m nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other, so my lenses are actually different thicknesses,” she says. “You don’t notice the size difference in these, unlike the metal frame specs.”

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Caddis Mabuhay

We already know Katie loves this classic shape — you’ve probably seen her wearing them on Instagram. She says she feels like Gloria Steinem every time she wears them! They won’t feel heavy on your face, and Katie says they’re especially soft behind her ears.

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Zenni rectangular glasses

If you’re looking for a pair of glasses to accentuate your chic new coastal granny look, these are the ones. Teal, seafoam, and seaglass colors remind us of the ocean, and they’re sure to make your eye color pop. Want to step up your accessory game? Find a fun and flashy glasses chain to hang them.

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Genusee Eight Ten

Can’t decide on a color for your specs? Do half and half. These frames from Genusee have a clear front and black temples, and they’re made from recycled water bottles. The best part? A portion of every purchase is donated to support businesses and community organizations in Flint, Michigan, where the eyewear is made.

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Cape J.Crew

This pair from J. Crew is super affordable at under $50 and the rounded square frame shape is universally flattering. The modern take on the tortoiseshell pattern is cool, but if you prefer something more neutral, they have clear framestoo.

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Felix Gray Kepler

Do you remember the cool English teacher you had in high school who always wore trendy frames? They would have worn that. Part metal and part plastic, this brow style will open up the area under your eyes and accentuate your brows.

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Plan of the wharf

For our minimalists, this black frame will do the trick. The fuss-free shape suits almost any face shape, and there’s no colored hardware, so you won’t need to match your accessories to a certain shade. Reviewers say they’re also light as a feather, so you won’t find yourself constantly shoving them up your nose throughout the day.

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Kate Spade Misa

There’s something adorable about round glasses, especially when there’s a hidden detail on them. These Kate Spade glasses have a pink plaid on the inside, which people will see when you wear them, but the black exterior is still classic.

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